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About the Studio


Meadowsong Studios began as a small, rustic, home pottery-making shack and has slowly grown to include a 9 wheel clay teaching studio, kiln room, pottery showroom and a heated photography and other media studio. This creative playground and our home are located in the beautiful countryside outside of Fall Creek, Wisconsin.


All of our family members are involved in the arts, from graphic design and photography, painting and pottery to woodworking, mosaic and brewing.  Our feathered and 4-legged family members often join us in the studio to assist. 


Our studio buildings are relaxed and rustic workspaces.  Cold weather necessitates that our clay cabin is only open May through September.  Dress for the weather!  

About Ann


Annie is a licensed preK-12 art teacher, potter, and artist.  She has been in love with creating since she was a child.  Her motto is "Why Not?"...which often leads to "interesting" experiences, especially if husband Steve was not clued in soon enough. 


Steve is the brake (or voice of reason, he likes to say) on the creative locomotive.  The effectiveness of this role is hit or miss.  Steve is also the make-it-happen man of the operation...invent, build, or repair, he does it all.

We are always open to to new adventures, in both art and life! We enjoy teaching and sharing our experiences and invite our customers and students to become friends.  

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