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Yay for Clay!


Open Mosaic

$75 per project

  • What do I need to do to help clean up at the end of the session?
    Each potter cleans and puts away the tools, plastic, textures, etc. used. Wheels are wiped down or clay pans taken off and sprayed out and replaced for the next group. We usually take turns sweeping. Clean up is from 8:30-8:45 after work time is over.
  • Can I attend open studio to make pottery as a production potter?
    The short answer is no. My pricing is set with the casual maker in mind. A potter accustomed to producing quickly on a large scale would be able to cause my immediate insolvency...there are also issues with storage and kiln space.
  • What should I bring with me to the studio?
    Wear layers if the weather is transitional, clothing that can (and will) get muddy. Clay and glaze wash out fine. We also have aprons available. Bring a water bottle or other beverage if you like, and insect repellent if you need a certain kind. We do have insect repellent spray and butane burner repellents as well. This information and more will be in your welcome email/PDF.
  • Can I bring adult beverages to the studio?
    Absolutely. We often have some available as well. Just as we tell younger students, “make good decisions” and drive safely!
  • Can I buy clay from you, make items at home and rent kiln space to have it fired?
    Yes. Check on costs at the time you are considering this.
  • Do you have a storm cellar in case of storms?
    We have a partial basement in the house, but if storms are forecast we often cancel for that evening. Text, email, or message if you are wondering if class might be cancelled.
  • Can I attend open studio if I took a clay class in college (5-40 years ago)?
    Unless your clay experience is relatively recent and comprehensive you will need to take the intro series before attending open studio. Annie teaches intro at the same time as open studio occurs so that studio potters can help encourage and mentor new students.
  • Do you have a restroom?
    We have a port-a-potty that we run as a composting toilet (reduced odor) down by the summer (clay) studio. If you just cannot do the potty thing, our home bathroom is available.
  • Why is the pottery studio closed from October-April? (or only open May-September?)
    The studio is partly open-air and partly un-insulated making it pretty chilly in the colder months.


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